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Welcome to Crow Point’s blog page. This is our opportunity to comment on a range of financial and general investing topics including market activity, interesting trends or data points. This is also where we will challenge commonly held investing shibboleths with hard data – myth-busting as we call it. We hope you enjoy it and we welcome your feedback.


The Crow Point Partners Liquid Alternative Funds lineup posted mixed performance results both during the fourth quarter of 2019 as well as throughout the year.  For the quarter and the full year, the CPP Global Tactical Allocation Strategy posted...

January 27, 2020 / by David Cleary, CFA

Addendum to Q1 2020 Market Outlook

No sooner than we had published our optimistic outlook for economies and markets did investors experience a somewhat existential event with Friday’s US missile strike, killing Iranian’s military leader Qasen Soleimani. In as much as this event could...

January 6, 2020 / by David Cleary, CFA

Q1 2020 Market Outlook

Despite fears over declining economic growth, a multitude of trade war scares and endless political bickering, 2019 has proven to be a terrific year for investors as the US stock market posted its highest returns since 2013.  And it wasn’t just US...

January 2, 2020 / by David Cleary, CFA

Q4 2019 Market Outlook

Taking its cue from the previous three months, markets again proved to be increasingly volatile for investors over the course of the most recent quarter.  Market returns were mixed over the entire three-month period but, in general, risk off assets...

October 8, 2019 / by David Cleary, CFA

Crow Point Liquid Alternative Funds Update - Q3 2019

The third quarter of 2019 proved to be difficult for the Crow Point Liquid Alternative Fund lineup as the strategies underperformed their respective return targets.  The primary reason for the underperformance was a failure to participate in the...

October 1, 2019 / by David Cleary, CFA

What Now for Bond Investors?

Although equities and equity markets tend to get the bulk of the average investor’s attention, the most remarkable thing that has transpired across the economic spectrum over the past ten years has been the sharp decline in government bond interest...

October 1, 2019 / by David Cleary, CFA

Large vs Small Cap Divergences

For those of us that run asset allocation strategies, being in the right place at the right time is, obviously, everything.  Indeed, a foundation of risk parity strategies is that asset class performance stays within historical bands.  Divergences...

September 9, 2019 / by Peter DeCaprio

Crow Point Liquid Alternative Funds Update - Q2 2019

The Crow Point Liquid Alternative Funds posted mixed results during the second quarter of this year as the market endured fears of a trade related slowdown.  Market returns for 2Q19 were concentrated in higher quality investments, particularly US...

July 16, 2019 / by David Cleary, CFA

Q3 2019 Market Outlook

The resiliency of the US equity market again was evident in the second quarter of 2019.  The trade concerns of May faded quickly and the market rallied as the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank both indicated easier monetary policy may be...

July 2, 2019 / by David Cleary, CFA

Crow Point Liquid Alternative Funds Update - Q1 2019

After a difficult end to 2018, the Crow Point Partners Liquid Alternative Funds lineup posted very solid returns during the first quarter of this year.  In spite of weak investor sentiment and negative market volatility, Crow Point’s outlook going...

April 9, 2019 / by David Cleary, CFA
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